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"What Our Customers Are Saying"


I came across your booth with my coworkers while shopping during the Black Theater Festival. I loved the smells of your deodorant but was a bit skeptical as many natural deodorants I have tried in the past did not work for me at all. I came back the next day and decided to try it after all as I still was looking for something more natural as my deodorants kept leaving me with swollen and painful lymph nodes. I bought a stick and you told me to tell you what I thought.

I've been using it every day ever since and let me tell you how happy I am that I have finally found something that finally works for me! I smell great, stay dry and I can finally say goodbye to swollen lymph nodes and my old deodorant. I am a fan for life and will be using your deodorants only. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product and I will be purchasing more soon!

A. Lovensheimer 8/22

"Excellent product, smells and feels great! It actually works even in hot climate of Florida"

S. Zalkin- 8/18

I purchased my deodorant at the sister's of circles event in New York City. When I 1st use my deodorant it was just totally different from any other deodorant I've ever used it was light and has a nice scent to it. It didn't leave a sticky film under my arm I been using it basically about 3 months and my underarm area has gotten lighter. The deodorant hold me all day long. It's really a great deodorant ! I decided to write this review and recommend this all natural deodorant. I am now stocking up on the best deodorant I have ever used. I LOVE THIS DEODORANT!!

D. Thompson- 5/2020

"My husband and I had to quickly gather some of our belongings and evacuate to a hotel during a recent hurricane. One of the first things that I grabbed was my House of Velda all natural deodorant!!!! It is truly an outstanding product!!!- Dr. McQueen


"After using plain baking soda for about two years, I was excited when a friend recommended a product that would be less harsh on my skin. This product is wonderful! Not only does it completely prevent odor (I am a part-time fitness instructor and I sweat a LOT!), it has also softened my skin. I can even apply it after shaving without getting a rash or irritation. I absolutely love the lavender and lemon grass scents. Both are very delicate so I don't worry about the scent getting into my clothing or clashing with my perfume. Also, absolutely no underarm stains on my clothing! Since I started using this, I have sent it to family members to try."

Rosalyn (Charlotte, NC) 2018


I too have been trying to find a natural deodorant that works. I have tried more than quite a few, but none really worked until I tried this one. It doesn’t stop the perspiration, thereby allowing the toxins out, (otherwise, causing them to go into the lymph glands) but stops the odor. The perspiration dries without staining my clothes. I am sold on this product.

S. Hertzog (Mum fest 2017) New Bern, NC


A few days ago I called and spoke with Velda to place an order for more deodorant. Now mind you I haven't finished the deodorant I purchased at the Sister event but because I love it so much I don't want to run out for a minute. I chose the lemon grass and I love the smell, it works well for me. I'm looking forward to the production of more natural product from The House of Velda. Thanks Velda. D. Cummings, NYC


"I had never heard of these deodorants before seeing them at the Southern Women's Show this past Sunday. My doctor had told me to stop using anti-perspirants because they were blocking my sweat glands and causing infections, etc. I tried the commercial deodorants, but they would leave me smelly by the afternoon. But then I bought the mint House of Velda all natural deodorant. Holy smokes. I was highly skeptical but this is day 4 and I'm positively LOVING it! I'm dry and there's no smell...even at the end of the day. I'm totally shocked!

So far so good...glad I stumbled on this deodorant!! Thank you!!"

Stephenie D. -Southern Women's Show April 2017

OMG - I l-o-v-e this deodorant! When I was first introduced, I thought, 'I'll give it a try -- but the real test will be my 3 miles on the treadmill.' It is the best - by far - and I've used Secret all my life! No more - House of Velda, Cool Mint from now on! Thank you!

B. Haedrich-2018 Charlotte Women's Show


I have been using this deodorant for over a year now. All of the other natural brands that I have tried failed tremendously, and I felt as if I had wasted my money. I am so confident in the product that I send it to family members out of town so that they don't have to struggle to obtain a healthier option. S. Harry (St. Louis, MO.-Dudley Gala 2017


Love, love, love your customer service and even better this sweet-smelling product :-) My favorite scents are the Lavender and the Cool Mint!

Sherlette H. (Toledo, Ohio- 2017)


"I purchased the all nature lavender deodorant in 2015 at the circle of sisters absolutely loved it. So I went back this year (2016) to circle of sisters praying that The House of Velda would be there. I went down every aisle looking for the booth until I found it. I was so happy that she came back. So of course I purchased some rolls of deodorants. I recommend that women/men purchase Velda's deodorant. Trust and believe you will never want to use the name brands that you purchase from the store with the many different chemicals that are not good for the human body. Velda I hope to see you again next October at the Circle of Sisters in New York. Peace & many blessings."

L. Bruce (NYC 2016)

"I purchased 3 bottles of the lavender all natural deodorant. I shared with my family.. We have just ordered some more... Love it!!! Please do not change your recipes!!!!"

LaSonya, Southern Women's Show-Ral., NC 2016


"I promised to write a post if your product worked and you were right. It works and it is awesome. I purchased your deodorant at the Jazz festival in Maryland and I am totally satisfied. I plan to order more and to tell others. Thank you so very much." K. Carter, Maryland, 2016


"I bought a deodorant after visiting your booth during a jazz festival. I was interested since my mom had breast cancer and part of her healing and education included learning about the dangers of chemical filled deodorants. We stopped using them, yet I couldn't find a natural deodorant that worked for my line of work. I am an exercise instructor and sweat ALOT throughout the day! Your lemongrass deodorant worked perfectly!!! I am so pleased and will continue to use and recommend your product to family and friends!! Thanks bunches!!"

Kathie G., Maryland


"I purchased this product at the 2016 Capital Jazz Festival, in Maryland. I purchased the unscented to play it safe however, I'm a believer. The product works very well"

C. Glenn, Maryland


"Thank you so much! I received the deodorants and absolutely love it. I've used it ever since receiving it with no problem. Lisa is afraid to try it. Once again thank you."

J. Guerrero


"This has been the only natural deodorant that has worked for me. I just finished a full container of the Cool Mint and went back to "unnatural" deodorant however it does not work as well as the all natural House of Velda deodorant and I can't wait for my new bottle to arrive!"

Jocelyn, Washington, DC


"Hi, I was at the Natural hair show on yesterday with my daughter, and she purchased some of your natural deodorant, and I tried it over night and today, and I just want to tell you that I think that I may have found a new deodorant, I normally sweat and I can't believe that I haven't sweated today with the deodorant, so I purchased one of your orange burst fragrances online today, Can't wait to get it!!! Thanks" Dorothy Barksdale, Faison NC


"I absolutely love this deodorant! My family and friends understand that I suffer from eczema and often times deodorants are a huge skin irritant. I loved the deodorant from the very first try; smooth, clean, stainless, pleasantly scented, non-irritating and I didn't perspire all day long. I found the website and placing my order for more now! Thank you "T. Shoffner


Hi, I met you at the Capital Jazz Festival on Sunday. I shared with you that I have always wanted to try a natural deodorant but I don't want to be "wet'. You explained to me that the arrowroot powder in the deodorant absorbs moisture. I put it on Monday morning and could NOT believe that on Tuesday morning, I was still fresh and I had minimal sweat. Furthermore, I did not shower Monday night. I guess the short version of what I am trying to say is that I looooooove this deodorant. I am completely shocked at the deodorizing and the lack of wetness. I sniffed my armpits all day yesterday. My co-workers thought I had lost my mind. I am so glad I stopped to speak to you and that you took the time to explain. I will be ordering more and I have shared your information with family members who have been looking for a natural deodorant. Thank you again and continued success!!!!!! D. Flowers, Maryland -2016


We met you at the women's show in Raleigh. I tried your deodorant and love it! Emily, Raleigh, NC -2016


This natural deodorant was nothing short of AMAZING! My lavender scented tube of greatness endured some scorching summertime heat from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic....Columbia/Charleston, SC.....& Decatur/Atlanta, GA!!! I purchased it from a vendors table in Columbia, MD at a jazz festival and I will be ordering more from the website!!! I'm a person that sweats a lot and I usually have to do a quick wash, dry, and reapply with other deodorants.....but this application last the WHOLE DAY!!! I hope my review gets the curious consumer to purchase this product b/c it's well worth the dollars spent!



Breanna- 2016


I have been using this for a week and a half now. I absolutely love it! It is better protection than the stuff I buy in the store. I have even bought the strong medical grade stuff and this is by far the best. It keeps me fresh all day. Take the plunge for your health and you will not be disappointed.

Heather, Raleigh, NC-2016


"I bought the product for the first time at Saviours Day 2016 in Detroit, MI. wonderful product, love the smell of lemongrass." Bro. De'Andre T., Detroit, MI-2016


"I have to say for years I was messing t shirts up and smelled really bad. I washed but I would perspire so much. I tried everything I could from baking soda to different deodorants and nothing worked. So I ordered deodorant from Velda to try because I know it's going to be the same thing. I have been ordering every since, especially the cool more messed up shirts or smell. This deodorant is the answer and I just keep ordering and I have passed on to others. I finally found the answer, thank you." S. Barnes- Irvington, NJ 


Valda is God sent. I give thanks unto God for allowing me to join my daughter Arkilah at Shiloh Baptist Church in the month of December 2015. I thank God for blessing Valda with greatness the knowledge and wisdom of this natural product. Not only the product is awesome....but also, I must say she's a humble jewel that goes along with the product in which makes it golden. In addition, for thirty 32 years I've been searching for a natural deodorant that works with my body chemistry and I'd finally found it!!! You only need to apply a little which goes a long way. Would I recommend this product to anyone??? The answer is absolutely!!! I've been sharing with my Dear family and friends ever since. Last but not least, it gives me much pleasure to be in the midst of people that are on the same path. Again, thank you very much Valda and may God continue to shower you with many, many more blessings to come. Love and appreciate you Dearly, Connie A. Womack, Washington, DC- 2015


"I talked with Velda to tell her that I tried other natural deodorant products and began itching and welped up. She told me to try it every other day to see how it works and use vinegar and water to get my PH balanced. I must say that it works and now that I've tested it with no problems, I will order more!!!Great product!"-Michelle,( Md.)


"I love the all natural Frankincense deodorant . It works really well I use it every day!!! Great product!! I will reorder!"

DJ Sir Charles Dixon-WBLS Radio (NYC)


"Thanks for an amazing product! I had tried a different all natural deodorant with no success -- it didn't last at all and it was driving me batty. I'm so glad that I tried out The House of Velda's deodorant before giving up. Just a small amount lasts all day and I love it! I'm looking forward to sharing my success with family and trying out more of the scents (they all sound so great that it was hard for me to choose which one to start with!!)" Emily-"NYC"


"This deodorant is truly awesome. I gave up on using natural deodorants because they didn't stop me from perspiring or diminish odor. The first time I tried this deo out was at the gym, I brought my other deodorant as back up but I didn't need it at all!! I definitely did sweat but I did not have a smelly musty odor afterwards. I was so shocked! I especially love the natural ingredients, I can put it on after I shave and without worrying about stinging or discomfort. I purchased the Orange Burst and I also adore the smell. I'm so happy I took a chance with you guys. At this point, it is definitely a staple - still have to see how it holds up during summer time." Bridgette- NYC


"Great deodorant. I love the lemongrass scent. A must try for those who are skeptical. I'm very active and it holds all day." Karen P.- Raleigh, NC


"Got Cool Mint at Women's Empowerment and loved it! Thank you!"

Shauntae W.-Raleigh, NC


"Loving my Orange Burst and My Lavender. Thank you!"

Lavonne M.


"Love it!!.......Cool mint my fav!"

Connie J.


"My mom had an allergic reaction to the deodorant. She said she loved your product but she had to discontinue using it which means more for me! It is working fine for me." 😀'

WishuwasMadchefand-Bowie, MD-2015


"I ordered the Frankincense and Myrrh deodorant. The scent was very refreshing and it lasted all day. I am a man that sweats a lot and this deodorant is keeping me dry ALL DAY! There are no stains on my shirt. When I use my regular deodorant it works too but there is always a stain. I recommend this deodorant to everyone."

Marc M. , Durham, NC 


"When I first started using this deodorant it was WONDERFUL! However, after about a week, my underarms begin to itch like crazy, I did not want to go back to commercial deodorants so I went to the webpage to see if this issue was addressed anywhere. I found that my PH balance was off. I followed the instructions under the F.A.Q. tab to rebalance my PH and NOW I am good to go. I am so grateful I found this product!" Lovin it! I was determined that I wasn't going back to all those chemicals." Anonymous


"I was initially very skeptical to try an all natural deodorant. I was so accustomed to the traditional deodorants that I thought there was no way an all natural deodorant could compare. This House of Velda deodorant is AMAZING and keeps me fresh all day! My skin also feels so much healthier. I threw away my traditional deodorant and I'm not looking back!" Keneisha G., Winston-Salem, NC


I'm a big guy and require a lot of protection. When I first started using the natural deodorant from The House of Velda I was very worried that it wouldn't be able to hold up. The first day I did pretty well. It began to wear off at around 9 pm that night, after getting going from about 8 am. That night I put on some of the natural deodorant before going to bed and then again first thing in the morning. I was able to go through the entire day without any trouble. I will surely be using this product from now on. Moving in the direction of natural healthy living is inevitable and I am so happy to be on the front end of such a wonderful product."

Craig B.

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