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As a long time educator, I never dreamed or never imagine that one day, I would be making my own deodorant.

I became inspired to create a natural deodorant while in the process of transitioning to a more natural lifestyle. In the process of switching out my commercial products with natural ones; 

 I begin to research the deodorant that I was using and found articles linking Alzheimer's disease to the aluminum used in deodorants and breast cancer linked to the antiperspirant also used in deodorants. This and other disturbing information, led me to want to make my own deodorant! I wanted a product that had few ingredients, but also one that actually worked! I started to experiment with ingredients that were not only natural and work effectively, but would also capture fragrances that smell divine. I experimented with several ingredients and settled on a baking soda based recipe because of its numerous health benefits. I had previously purchased two other popular brands of natural deodorant that did NOT work. Imagine how thrilled I was to find that this deodorant I made in my KITCHEN worked better than any of the natural deodorants that I had ever purchased! I set up several focus groups and began to share this creation. I tweaked, adjusted and refined the formula and received awesome feedback! It was time to market this wonderful deodorant! But, I wondered who would buy it, Instantly, I thought people just like me who believe that enough is enough, with all these, chemically based products, using words that are too difficult to pronounce with ingredients too complicated to understand! More and more consumers are trying to get out of this cycle of product confusion and take control over what they put in and on their bodies.

Finally, I always know when the CREATOR is guiding me. The way has been made clear. I am just following the path!

I hope you will enjoy my deodorant!


Lavender Essential Oils

Creates a relaxing effect on the body, helping to maintain calmness through the day.

Lemongrass Essential Oils

Strong strength. Pungent and citrusy in scent. Activates the mind and refreshes the senses. Both calming and energizing.

Sandalwood Essential Oils

Sweet-woody, warm, balsamic aroma.

Relaxing, centering and sensual.

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